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What Babies know about Physics and Foreign Language

This further proves that innovative preschool programs nurture children's creativity and enable them to master the skills of learning and build a life long love of learning.

Calligraphy Master Class for children aged 5 to 12 @ Kimmba Play School Doncaster

Calligraphy Master Class for children aged 5 to 12 @ Kimmba Play School Doncaster

Watching the brain during language learning

Watching the brain during language learning


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Welcome to Kimmba Bilingual Early Learning Centre; the linguistic wonderland for your precious child.
We are Melbourne’s very first bilingual ELC offering three languages: Mandarin/Chinese, Spanish and German for children aged 0-6 years.

Ni Hao!

Is encouraging your child to learn and speak a new language your mission? Are you looking for an innovative and captivative way to merge early language learning and a long day care program together? Kimmba Bilingual ELC is the right place for you. Kimmba has rapidly established itself as one of Australia’s most innovative and trusted bilingual preschool education institutions since 2007. Families appreciate the wide range of preschool language learning programs we have developed in order to suit different ages and different family lifestyles as we are not only offering language learning through the 'long day care' set up, but also the more targeted half day language sessions for parents and children who do not need 'child care'.

To enable Kimmba to continue offering such a unique and innovative early language learning program, our teachers’ ability to nurture children’s social, emotional, and physical development stands out above all. Our devoted, qualified and experienced teachers have the skills and patience to help build these little infants and toddler's cultural competence. Additionally, it becomes evident that their learning horizon is broadened throughout their years with Kimmba.