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Debunking common myths about raising bilingual children

Even though many studies show that raising children bilingual has a multitude of positive effects on their development, there is still a lot of prejudice and concerns when it comes to raising children bilingual. This article gives a great insight into those common myths and shows that there are indeed not true.

Why is childcare such a hard sell in the federal election?

Most politicians and voters see "childcare" as a service to help parents get back to work and not for the important impact it has on a child's development. Seeing the importance of Early Childhood Education in the crucial first years of a child's life, this article shows that politicians are missing the point when it comes to childcare.

What being bilingual does to your brain

An interesting article about the advantages of raising your child bilingual and the benefits it will have on children's brain development.


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We are Melbourne’s very first bilingual Early Learning Centre offering three languages; Mandarin, Spanish and German for children aged 0-12 years.

We offer a variety of programs that will fit into your family’s lifestyle.

Kimmba has rapidly established itself as one of Australia’s most innovative and trusted bilingual preschool education institutions and families appreciate the wide range of language learning programs we have developed in order to suit different ages and timetables. Our newly established Play School at Doncaster Shopping Town is our latest addition.

Most importantly, Kimmba teachers’ nurture children’s social, emotional, physical development and broaden their cultural horizons.