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Mixed-Age Grouping - Why We Love It

Mixed-age grouping - why we love it

To Help Students Learn, Engage the Emotions

Emotion is essential to learning, emotion is where learning begins, or, as is often the case, where it ends. Put simply, “It is literally neurobiologically impossible to think deeply about things that you don’t care about."

How To Motivate Your Child To Speak A Second Language

How to motivate your child to speak a second language


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We are Melbourne’s very first bilingual Early Learning Centre offering three languages; Mandarin, Spanish and German for children aged 0-12 years.

We offer a variety of programs that will fit into your family’s lifestyle.

Kimmba has rapidly established itself as one of Australia’s most innovative and trusted bilingual preschool education institutions and families appreciate the wide range of language learning programs we have developed in order to suit different ages and timetables. Our newly established Play School at Doncaster Shopping Town is our latest addition.

Most importantly, Kimmba teachers’ ability to nurture children’s social, emotional, and physical development helps to build their cultural competence. Additionally, it becomes evident that their learning horizon is broadened throughout their years with Kimmba.