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Our graduation day !

We are sad to see you leaving but proud of who you are becoming!

4 good reasons to learn an unfamiliar language , by John McWorther

In this interesting Tedtalk, John McWorther shares with 4 main reasons why it is important to learn a new language besides English

Why does my child want to read that book again and again?

You can improve your child’s literacy skills every day with these simple tips.

The complications of raising multilingual kids

Interesting read on how children benefit from learning 2 languages or even more

Great benefits of talking to your child in different languages from an early age

Infants and toddlers need to communicate more with adults in order to be able to become great multilingual speakers

Kimmba’s bilingual education 11 years on has seen Andrew’s government catch up

Kimmba has been the pioneer and market leader in providing bilingual early education since 2007. I’m very pleased that the Andrew’s government has finally caught up. In the past 11 years, all the dedication, lobbying, then rejection and humiliation from DET has only made me stronger and more determined to establish kimmba in various locations to include families and children who would otherwise not be able to participate.