Early Learning Centre St Kilda East  :  FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions that may answer some of your questions. If not, please contact us and we will be able to help with further questions.

1. Do parents or carers participate in the sessions?

The KBELC provides a friendly orientation for your child so you are welcome to participate with your child in his or her initial orientation.

2. Do I need to bring anything for my child?

Please view our Parents Handbook and prepare your child's bag accordingly.

3. What age should I start my child at KBELC?

We believe children can start as early as they can learn – from day one! It is amazing what children can absorb and learn even before they can start speaking. However, to avoid disappointment of not having a placement for your child when he or she is ready, registering on our waiting list is strongly recommended as our waiting list is long.

4. How do children of different ages and developmental stages participate in the same session?

Our experience shows us that children of different ages (0-3 years old, or 3-5 years old) and developmental stages can participate in the same session without much difficulty and everyone is able to get something out of groups structured in this way. Our Preschool Qualified Educators ensure that all children are given an opportunity to participate. The younger children are able to learn from the older children and older children love being teachers to the younger children.

5. Can I start mid-term or mid-year?

Yes, you can start at any time of the year, so long as there are places available.

6. What experience and qualifications do the educators have?

Our educators are all qualified and trained in Children's Service & Education and we have four Early Childhood Teachers who are native speakers in the language they teach and all of them have experience dealing with children from new born to preschool age (0-6 years old).

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