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KBELC has a duty of care to ensure that all persons are provided with healthy and nutritious food during the hours of the service’s operation.

It is recommended that freshly delivered and organically grown veggies, fruits and meat, fish or chicken make up a large portion of children’s daily diet.

As our Healthy Eating and Nutrition policy states, we aim to provide healthy and balanced meals that are as organic as we can purchase across the day that meets your child’s daily required intake of nutrients and vitamins. Meals are served at various times throughout the day to cater for all children’s nutritional needs. Educators monitor and record each child’s daily intake of food and communicate this to the parents/guardians daily. We have Morning tea, Lunch and dessert, afternoon tea and late snack; all of these meals are made fresh daily in our licensed commercial kitchen by our very own commercial chef who has certificate 3 in children’s services as well as a commercial cooking certificate.

All dietary requirements, allergies, cultural and religious requirements are taken into consideration when preparing each week’s menu and are listed in the kitchen, and parents notice board.

KBELC is a Nuts Free Centre; at no time should nuts or any traces of nuts and tree nuts be brought into the centre.

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